A Holistic Healing Co-op of Independent Entrepreneur Businesses 


Thank you for your continued patience and support! We are excited to share with you are internal structure updates as well as a NEW website coming soon. 

At this point in time we DO NOT have one person designated  as a phone, email or social coordinator. We  will continue to do our best to help. It is best to contact your individual service provider for questions and booking needs. 

What does a Independent Practitioner Co-op entail?? 

Individual businesses have come together and joined collectively to create a communal space for healing mind, body, spirit, and beauty. With YOU in mind!! 

As independent contractors EACH individual may have its OWN website/ FB page! They also have ability to communicate and book your appointments personally! Our NEW website will reflect this, here is a directory to contact your service provider of interest DIRECTLY!! 



Genevieve Folkedahl 

Folklore Energy




Kristy DuChateau

Roots To Wellness Healing





Elizabeth Reschke 

Fox & Rose Skin Care 

Available for text at 6087690393 


Email: foxandroseskincare@gmail.com

 Paula Hoffman
~Lotus Love Beauty & Healing

Call/Text 605-891-8779 I am here for you!

Email lotushealinglove@yahoo.com





Hannah Whetston

Intuitive Integrated Divine Healing 

Call/Text 608-406-5456

Email: hannahwhetston@gmail.com

Fb: Facebook.com/hannahatgreenhouse

Amy Sloan

Blissful Core LLC



Therese Johnson 

Text for availability 563-568-1883 



Emilene Anna/ OWNER GreenHouse

Call or Text 608-769-0367

Erin Carnal 

Call or Text 608-498-6902

Paula Hoffman

Call/Text 605-891-8779



  GreenHouse Holistic Salon & Wellness Co-op Safety Guidelines For Reopening

As businesses open across the country, state by state salons are re-opening with recommended guidelines and restrictions. Salon and wellness safety and sanitation are at the forefront of the conversations and we hope to ease you in comfort and healing for your chosen experiences with us.

Our Holistic Salon provides a toxic free environment with the immune boosting benefits of aromatherapy and oxygenating  plants. Our tall ceilings and spacial area will help ease your experience. 

Your Healing, Safety, and Experience is important to us! We are offering a mindful and gentle re-opening | Let Us Be Your Lighthouse

Pre-appointment:  Safety Check

We as independent contractors and service providers will be very aware and diligent of our health. If we are or our family members are experiencing ANY symptoms of not feeling well, for the highest good we are most comforted rescheduling to further notice. Please check in with yourself and family before considering. 

  • Have you had a cough in the past 2 weeks?

  • Have you had a fever the past 2 weeks?

  • Where have you frequented the past 2 weeks?

  • Have you been exposed to anyone with symptoms the past 2 weeks?

  • Are you living with a sick or quarantined individual?

Are we Your First Visit with human contact during quarantine  ???

Please Consider: 

We are happy and blessed for you to consider your beauty and wellness desires with us. We will hold a healing space of light and comfort with Divine Light Energy. 

We would like to address with sincerity that with a heavy heart we CANNOT have the weight of sickness or illness on US as members. We need to feel it's an honest equal energy exchange of chance of exposure is possible and will not be held liable. 

IF you cannot handle this pressure, we ask YOU to please wait and consider booking at a later date. 

PLease Read our Liability Info Below

At this point in time we are NOT mandating temperature checks before coming in. We are trusting in this equal opportunity for everyone to DO THEIR BEST and use discernment. 

Anybody with a temperature of 100 degrees F or above should immediately cancel their appointment until further notice. 

If you are  deemed safe and ready for a service you should take comfort in our Holistic Salon and Wellness areas are 

  • We will only have a  certain number of clients and stylists in the area at one time

  • Please no extra guests, and only children or family receiving appointments will be allowed

  • Please consider no waiting inside or in waiting area before or after appointment

  • Please anticipate MORE time and additional funds to cover the time and product costs

Prepping For You

Once we understand this is an equal energy exchange of risk and you are perfectly healthy, it is time for us to  prep salon and workspace for your appointment. Having the proper Personal Protective Equipment and disinfecting procedures in place is imperative for  safety.

Proper protective gear includes:

As a Co-op we believe it is most important for open communication. Please indicate your level of requests and needs from us. We are willing to work with you without reciprocal  judgement. 

  • We will be wearing Masks at the request and comfort of each individual

  • As an independent contractor Co-op we respect free will  and we believe that working within individual requests and needs for BOTH parties for their highest self

  • Single-use Gloves

  • Single-use Capes

  • Smocks hairstylists to use, will be single-use or washed between each client

  • Hand washing for 20 seconds minimum frequently and between each client

All PPE will  be changed between each and every client. In addition, stylist will come to work showered and in clean clothes and change those clothes before entering their homes at the end of each day.

Our Co-op should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to reopening. Clean all tools, capes, objects and areas. Some disinfectant tips:

  • EPA-registered anti-bacterial.

  • Disinfect  scissors and any brushes, bowls and tools between every single client.

  • Wipe down your station. Your chair, hot tools, handles, rolling carts, etc. should all be cleaned before your client comes.

  • If shampooing, we will sanitize the shampoo bowl and any products you plan to use.

  •  hand sanitizer and signage reminding clients of proper salon safety and guidelines around the area

  • Our plan for checkout: make sure your reception area, card reader or anything else you might use is disinfected and ready to use.

Safety During Your Appointment

During your appointment, its important we mainly use common sense and pay very close attention to what we are doing.

  • We prefer at this point no lingering in the salon, retail  or in waiting areas. When you enter, make sure you  do not touch any retail they don’t plan on buying.

  • When possible, maintain social distancing 

  • Also limit the amount of clients and staff allowed in the salon at one time. No walk-ins should be available at this time, please call ahead

  • A big point of cross-contamination in-salon is the restrooms. We will Disinfect all surfaces, even the floors, multiple times throughout the day.

  • Stations and wellness rooms will be wiped down and sanitized between each guests

After The Service

Once you leave, we start this process all over again! Everything and every area will be wiped down with the proper disinfectant. Go back through your pre-appointment salon safety procedures. We will  wash everything in hot soapy water.

We will embrace the change and enjoy having you back in our healing Co-op. Please Follow Us for more updates on our Website and Social Media. 

We are following: OSHA “Guidance on Preparing Workplaces forCOVID-19” 

“There is a risk that you may become exposed to COVID-19 at GreenHouse Holistic Salon & Wellness Co-op. You acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that you may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 while at the Co-op. By entering the Co-op and agreeing to receive  services, you hereby waive, release, and hold harmless GreenHouse Beauty & Wellness, LLC, its members, employees, agents, and representatives, from and against, any and all liabilities, claims, suits, injuries, infections, death, actions, damages, and costs or expenses of any kind arising out of or relating thereto.”


Mind | Body | Spirit | Well-Being | Health | Beauty

House of intuition, education, love, healing hands, energy, self care, green beauty and wellness

GreenHouse Holistic Salon and Wellness Co-op is a unique intuitive co-op gathering of compassionate providers for an eclectic mission focused upon cultivating a greener, conscious, organic, & intentional way of life. We are a Holistic Co-op Center offering Mind, Body, Spirit & Beauty services and products. We are built of an organic, metaphysical salon & beauty retail apothecary, wellness spa, and community wellness classroom.

GreenHouse takes an innovative approach awakening all your senses, providing a nurturing and holistically rejuvenating experience that promotes self-healing, self-love, and self-care. 

Beauty is wellness. Wellness is beauty.

True beauty is a reflection of the heart and soul. Beauty is embodied in both our physical and spiritual bodies.

GreenHouse initiative is to combine healing arts & beauty services - truly combining Mind, Body & Spirit.

We provide our guests with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall health, beauty, and wellness.

Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; see what GreenHouse Holistic Salon and Wellness Co-op has to offer you.



GreenHouse is proudly honoring Mother Earth, reusing, refurbishing while choosing green initiatives, eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Located in Historic North Side La Crosse, WI, 800 Rose St, one of the first standing businesses built in 1887. We are proud to bring sustainable life back to the historic building while restoring the vintage feel with original flooring, ceiling, brick, and structures.

GreenHouse is a vibrational team of Holistic Beauty Artists, Body workers, and Wellness practitioners offering healing services and products to support a well-being experience for mind, body, spirit, and hair.

The space invites  healing retreats to the Wellness Co-op which offers a community room and 3 wellness rooms. With a quaint hallway connecting with the  Holistic Salon and Beauty Apothecary. 

Each provider of the Co-op is certified in energy healing to share in your healing experience. We  honor internal and external holistic beauty as part of the organic spectrum of self-care and self-love. Your synergistic team will help nurture your healing journey and assist you with the best physical representation of what your spirit feels inside.

This concept was rooted in a special belief and knowledge of a greater calling to serve our world.

GreenHouse has roots in a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical realm which is waiting to be cultivated in a world of community, creativity, compassion, and consciousness.

Our members are ready to spread healing through conscious hairstylists & wellness providers, integrating a full spectrum of mind, body services.


A Healing Co-op

"A healer is not someone you go to for healing, but someone who triggers your own ability to heal yourself"

Take your health, beauty, and wellbeing journey to the next level by attending classes, workshops, visiting our wellness spa or holistic salon. By adding in holistic elements like aromatherapy, energy healing, yoga, and ceremonies and rituals, you allow space to unplug and further connect with yourself  and tap into your spirit connection. 

We hold space for your journey. Your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health is our top priority; see how we can help you make the most out of your time all set in ONE intentional space.


~Aromatherapy & Energy Healing Co-op

~Energy Therapies 

~Holistic Organic Salon

~Head Spa 

~Apothecary Boutique - Metaphysical, Mind, Body, Spirit Products 

     -Local and Green Beauty Products

~Wellness Spa

~Workshops and Classes


~Community Shared Space


Organic Way, Holistic  Salon

New Age, metaphysical salon, that incorporates energy healing & aromatherapy. 
We value YOU as a WHOLE and provide intentional, safe, honest, and healing salon experience.

Wellness Spa

We believe in Science and Spirit. We believe in Body and Mind. We believe in combining a unique blend of offerings to fit everyones desires. We are here to awaken the healer inside of you. We have massage, skin care, psychic/mediums, Reiki, Theta Healing, Life-coaching with intuitive guidance.

Community Classroom

Come explore the educator inside of you while hosting workshops or classes. Are you  an instructor or have a unique offering but no space to offer? Would you like to join like minded people while exploring your mind, body, and spirit. No matter what, you are going to want to see this space.


Contact Us

Hours- Vary per Practitioners 

8am -8pm, Please inquire for weekend or evening hours


800 Rose St
La Crosse, La Crosse County 54603

Call or Text 608-797-9855

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800 Rose St
La Crosse, La Crosse County 54603

Call or Text 608-797-9855

To cancel please call or contact your practitioner directly *

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