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Licensed 2nd Generation Acupuncturist Jade Fang will be providing Community Acupuncture available in Community Room on  Mondays from 8-3!

Community Acupuncture is affordable accessible healthcare. It's a sliding scale of $20-$40 you pay what you want cash or check.

Our mission is to give people more access to acupuncture. It can be a low cost way to deal with lower back pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, insomnia, menopause, autoimmune diseases, digestive disturbances, sciatica, grief, smoking cessation, and much more. You share a large space with three/ four other people while socially distanced more than 6 ft apart with screens in between, we will have a medical grade air purifier running, and masks are required. The treatments are about 20 minutes. Most people describe the experience as deeply relaxing and healing. Many sleep through the acupuncture treatment.

Appointments are advised. Walkins are welcome. We might have you wait in your car and text you when there's room.    


call or text (preferred): 507-312-0621


What does a Independent Practitioner Co-op entail?? 

Individual businesses have come together and joined collectively to create a communal space for healing mind, body, spirit, and beauty. With YOU in mind!! 

As independent contractors EACH individual may have its OWN website/ FB page! They also have ability to communicate and book your appointments personally!

FOR RENT - wellness rooms and community room are available for rent


Kristy DuChateau

Roots To Wellness Healing


Elizabeth Reschke 

Fox & Rose Skin Care 

Available for text at 6087690393


 Paula Hoffman
~Lotus Love Beauty & Healing

Call/Text 605-891-8779 I am here for you!



Hannah Whetston

Intuitive Integrated Divine Healing 

Call/Text 608-406-5456



Amy Sloan

Blissful Core LLC



Emilene Anna/ OWNER GreenHouse

Call or Text 608-769-0367

Erin Carnal 

Call or Text 608-498-6902

Paula Hoffman

Call/Text 605-891-8779



Mind | Body | Spirit | Well-Being | Health | Beauty

House of intuition, education, love, healing hands, energy, self care, green beauty and wellness

GreenHouse Holistic Salon and Wellness Co-op is a unique intuitive co-op gathering of compassionate providers for an eclectic mission focused upon cultivating a greener, conscious, organic, & intentional way of life. We are a Holistic Co-op Center offering Mind, Body, Spirit & Beauty services and products. We are built of an organic, metaphysical salon & beauty retail apothecary, wellness spa, and community wellness classroom.

GreenHouse takes an innovative approach awakening all your senses, providing a nurturing and holistically rejuvenating experience that promotes self-healing, self-love, and self-care. 

Beauty is wellness. Wellness is beauty.

True beauty is a reflection of the heart and soul. Beauty is embodied in both our physical and spiritual bodies.

GreenHouse initiative is to combine healing arts & beauty services - truly combining Mind, Body & Spirit.

We provide our guests with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall health, beauty, and wellness.

Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; see what GreenHouse Holistic Salon and Wellness Co-op has to offer you.



GreenHouse is proudly honoring Mother Earth, reusing, refurbishing while choosing green initiatives, eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Located in Historic North Side La Crosse, WI, 800 Rose St, one of the first standing businesses built in 1887. We are proud to bring sustainable life back to the historic building while restoring the vintage feel with original flooring, ceiling, brick, and structures.

GreenHouse is a vibrational team of Holistic Beauty Artists, Body workers, and Wellness practitioners offering healing services and products to support a well-being experience for mind, body, spirit, and hair.

The space invites  healing retreats to the Wellness Co-op which offers a community room and 3 wellness rooms. With a quaint hallway connecting with the  Holistic Salon and Beauty Apothecary. 

Each provider of the Co-op is certified in energy healing to share in your healing experience. We  honor internal and external holistic beauty as part of the organic spectrum of self-care and self-love. Your synergistic team will help nurture your healing journey and assist you with the best physical representation of what your spirit feels inside.

This concept was rooted in a special belief and knowledge of a greater calling to serve our world.

GreenHouse has roots in a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical realm which is waiting to be cultivated in a world of community, creativity, compassion, and consciousness.

Our members are ready to spread healing through conscious hairstylists & wellness providers, integrating a full spectrum of mind, body services.


A Healing Co-op

"A healer is not someone you go to for healing, but someone who triggers your own ability to heal yourself"

Take your health, beauty, and wellbeing journey to the next level by attending classes, workshops, visiting our wellness spa or holistic salon. By adding in holistic elements like aromatherapy, energy healing, yoga, and ceremonies and rituals, you allow space to unplug and further connect with yourself  and tap into your spirit connection. 

We hold space for your journey. Your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health is our top priority; see how we can help you make the most out of your time all set in ONE intentional space.


~Aromatherapy & Energy Healing Co-op

~Energy Therapies 

~Holistic Organic Salon

~Head Spa 

~Apothecary Boutique - Metaphysical, Mind, Body, Spirit Products 

     -Local and Green Beauty Products

~Wellness Spa

~Workshops and Classes


~Community Shared Space


Organic Way, Holistic  Salon

New Age, metaphysical salon, that incorporates energy healing & aromatherapy. 
We value YOU as a WHOLE and provide intentional, safe, honest, and healing salon experience.

Wellness Spa

We believe in Science and Spirit. We believe in Body and Mind. We believe in combining a unique blend of offerings to fit everyones desires. We are here to awaken the healer inside of you. We have massage, skin care, psychic/mediums, Reiki, Theta Healing, Life-coaching with intuitive guidance.

Community Classroom

Come explore the educator inside of you while hosting workshops or classes. Are you  an instructor or have a unique offering but no space to offer? Would you like to join like minded people while exploring your mind, body, and spirit. No matter what, you are going to want to see this space.


Contact Us

Hours- Vary per Practitioners 

8am -8pm, Please inquire for weekend or evening hours


800 Rose St
La Crosse, La Crosse County 54603

Call or Text 608-797-9855

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800 Rose St
La Crosse, La Crosse County 54603

Call or Text 608-797-9855

To cancel please call or contact your practitioner directly *

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