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GreenHouse Rituals creating sustainable journeys to cultivate happiness, freedom, self love, chakra balancing, beauty and wellness. 

A New Age Metaphysical Holistic Salon and Apothecary featuring exclusive skin, body, & hair care. Everything we carry holds a positive vibration including the water used in the Co-op.  Healing Hair Care, Mind, Body & Spirit products to support your beauty and wellness journey. 

We live a life of mindfulness, intention, and purpose. In ways we apply our lotions and  view our routines. We may add affirmations and  intention. If we  think gratitude, we can  transform any routine into a ritual. A ceremony that comforts, gives peace and grace.

GreenHouse Rituals:

Purify & Protect- A package of 3 products which assist you with clearing your aura and protecting you body and spirit from other resources entering your space. 

Relax and Reflect: Designed for self reflection, self awareness. Quiet time for your soul to speak to you but more importantly setting time aside to listen. Within these quiet moments, your higher self brings you the answers you may seek. Your truth.

Connection and Intuition: When you learn to trust your intuition life will flow with more ease. these products are designed to help you recognize your voice. You may get help with your spirit guides, angels, and healing team.

Pay it Forward: This moment is a day in gratitude. To give without detachment and expectations. Give a compliment will fill your cup. 

Daily habits: Everyday stick with your intentions. they will become your reality. I promise. Beleive and manifest.

Products We Carry:

Green Envee


We believe in clean beauty, and the idea that people shouldn’t have to compromise health for beauty. Over 1300 toxic cosmetic ingredients are banned in the European Union and other countries but only 11 banned in the United States. Our Toxic 28 list is a roundup of ingredients that we will NEVER use in our products because they are linked to cancer, reproductive issues, organ toxicity, and/or severe skin irritation.

We promise you will find safe, nutrient dense and antioxidant filled formulas that nourish the skin + body while maintaining your skin’s pH balance and preserving your skin’s natural beauty.


When your mind and body are in balance, true beauty shines through. We refer to this as Eastern philosophy with Western functionality. By combining the proven science of plant-based cosmetic actives with the added benefits of aromatherapy, our products produce a one-of-a-kind experience between the mind + body.  The use of Ayurveda and Chinese healing in both skin + body products helps to balance the mind and body connection. The best of both worlds – a mind + body connection.

Organic Way

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Innersense Organic Beauty


We inspire a personal atonement through the practice of self care. Preserving the beauty of botanicals through conscious chemistry, Innersense Organic Beauty connects us to the high vibrational healing power of the natural world around us and the joyous love within us.



Nature is at the center of Innersense Organic Beauty. We believe choosing clean, pure beautiful haircare is the smart, simple way to create a love story between you and your hair. Our products are crafted from certified organic plant ingredients your hair will love in luxurious formulations that deliver hydration, health, moisture, shine and protection only Mother Nature can provide.

Metaphysical Boutique

Sage, Incense, essential oils, crystals, lunar, mercury retrograde kits, black salt

Local Skin Care 

Dr. Sarah Essentials Healing Skin Care


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