Emilene Anna

Founder of GreenHouse, Holistic Beauty Artist, Certified Holistic Aromatherapist, Certified Reiki Master and Energy Practitioner

Specializing in Organic Color, Curly Hair, Chair Head, Scalp & Aroma Reiki & Massage

Hours: Mon 9-5

            Tues 9-5

            Thurs 9-6

 Sat  by appointment only 

Health and happiness has been a personal mission of mine for years, experiencing  undiagnosed physical, mental, and emotional tendencies that aided in imbalance and disharmony. In 2014 I attended my first holistic juicing retreat where healing and miracles happened on many levels. From that point forward I dove deep into holistic health and beauty, healing and detoxing. Personally and professionally, for me this is not separate and I fell blessed to align my souls mission.The positive and transforming experiences have led me to wanting to share and educate with others.

It is vital we think about our FUTURE selves and our FUTURE children and FUTURE environment. It is one day, one small change at a time to make a difference in your life and in your career. The Co-op will allow for support and nurtinging businesses and community.

We are on the forefront of the organic beauty movement, change and knowledge starts with us, sharing and believing. The beauty industry deserves respect and a deeper look at the whole picture. Offering Healing Beauty sends a message of love and caring for the whole person as we integrate beauty and wellness. 

No service with me is separate from who I am. My genuine character loves holding space for an intuitive consultation, sharing knowledge, and tuning into the best healing and beauty journey for you. Lets celebrate your uniqueness together. 

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