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♥ Deeply relaxes the body and mind

♥ Relieves the body of stress and tension by indirectly stimulating the pituitary gland: the center of health and well-being.

♥ Enhances the delivery of nutrients to the hair and scalp

♥ Provides a transformative experience and service that aligns health, beauty and wellness.

GreenHouse Holistic Artists values your energy exchange and you will be sure to feel welcomed from the moment you walk in the doors. You will immediately feel the inspiration from its name, GreenHouse. Where we bring the outdoors to you. 

GreenHouse encapulates a Historic Building capturing original 1900 work, embodying reuse, recycle, and reduce. We are proud members of Green Circle Salons. 

You will feel the energy from the timeless aromatherapy, crystals, plants, and fountains. We have created a positive healing and tranquil environment for your rejuvenation journey. Be sure to arrive early to enjoy an organic beverage and shop the apothecary for your mind, body, sprit and hair needs.

Cultivating a greener and healthier salon experience, GreenHouse Salon and Apothecary chooses ethical, organic, and sustainable products and practices. It is our mission to share and create a safe working environment for our staff and guests alike. We provide a natural beauty experience with  safe and non toxic services. No ammonia & low chemical hair color without compromise of results, with integrity of design. 

GreenHouse will also share in value of a holistic experience with our HEAD-SPA program. Every person will have the option to receive our Welcoming Aroma Ritual including a Aroma head and neck massage with a energy balancing shampoo. You will have many HEAD SPA services to choose from so be sure to check them out next!

  We value your unique expression, everyone is welcome. 



The "Organic Way"

~We choose Oway, whose products take root on their 50,000 sqm of biodynamic family farmland, tucked away in the rolling hills of Bologna, Italy.

Biodynamic farming methods go beyond the elimination of pesticides and solvents. Plants are hand grown and harvested in synchronicity with lunar cycles, and polluting farm machinery is completely banned, ensuring each plant is rich in nutrients and supercharged phyto-ingredients.

~Oway, which is short for the “Organic Way”, is the first brand in the professional beauty industry to use Farm to Chair ingredients. Not only is their hair dye comprised of biodynamic ingredients, it’s ammonia free, comes in 95 shades that provides full grey coverage, has no harsh fumes and gives long lasting, shiny hair color. Oh, and of course it’s vegan friendly!

~When plants can’t be grown on OrtOfficina, they’re ethically sourced via verified Fair Trade Networks. From indigenous tribes of Australia to the Amazonian rain forest, over 700 communities worldwide benefit from fair wages, safe working conditions and eco-friendly farming methods.

In addition to sustainable farming practices, Oway takes a green-first mindset from start to finish.

~ They’re the first professional beauty brand to use infinitely recyclable amber glass bottles, jars and aluminum for all of their packaging.

~What makes a product “infinitely recyclable” versus just “recyclable” is altogether fascinating: “infinitely recyclable” means a material can be recycled again and again, without ever losing its strength. Plastic, while mostly recyclable, eventually loses its strength and cannot continue to be recycled. After all, where do you think all that unusable plastic ends up? You guessed it – oceans and landfills.

~Amber glass, while infinitely recyclable, is also the purest packaging available. It’s dark brown color protects the high concentration of biodynamic botanicals and essential oils found in Oway products.

~Changing Salons For The Better!

The GreenHouse is going to serve a greater community with Organic and Sustainable practices and products. GreenHouse is proud of what we do and the difference that we are making in the hairdressing world and the beauty industry.

~ We feel that we have a responsibility to the profession, as well as to the broader world in general. We believe that as a Holistic Co-op integrating green beauty and wellness it is our mission to provide a honest and holistic platform by providing safer, more natural, and organic products that perform to the highest professional standards.

~Safe, non toxic, organic color and products will deliver healing and safe results to our minds and bodies. Cleanse yourself of toxins and harmful chemical exposure.

~Eco friendly, sustainable, green, lifestyle, organic salon creates a  platform for defining beauty within and out.


Organic Way Hair Color

Professional Organic Hair Color

Hcolor is the world’s first professional organic hair color formulated with the highest concentration of organic, biodynamic and fair trade ingredients.

Green chemists have created a beautiful balance between performance and nature with nourishing, gentle formulations that even the most sensitive clients will love. Loved by Hair Stylists and clients alike, Oway’s Hcolor has been voted Best Hair Color 2016 in the Green Beauty Awards and Best Ammonia Free Hair Color in 2015 and 2016.

Oway Hcolor Benefits

  • 95 Vibrant Shades

  • 100% Ammonia Free

  • Perfect Grey Coverage

  • Glossy, Long Lasting Color

  • Delicate pH Respects Hair Fiber

  • Improves Hair Texture Over Time

  • Formulated with Calming Essential Oils


Conscious Hair  Artistry  

     Spreading Healing and Awareness through Conscious Holistic Hair Artists

Originally designed by Emilene Anna

About the Interactive program:

Conscious Holistic Hair Artistry is an interactive program concept designed to integrate intentional and mindful rituals. The art of  developing a conscious practice through energy, love, and aromatherapy for a whole beauty, well-being experience. Cultivating awareness behind the chair, awakening the most powerful tool available to us, our hands. Healing hands  guide an experience while developing intuition and using empathy to support you and your services. Receiving and perceiving through touch, to create a lasting vibrational experience for our guests. Healing Beauty is an art of spiritual and physical transcending products and services. True Beauty is reflected from with a deeper connection by bringing in spirit, love, and high energy where a person can grow this attunement from divine love.

Conscious Holistic Artists will choose to use organic, plant based, ethical hair color, products, practices, and offerings to sustain healthy lives for ourselves, community,  and our responsibility to our environment. Ethically produced products hold a higher vibration of love which is most nourishing for mind and body.

Artist  will learn techniques and methods to help integrate them into a self practice as well as  professional services to use at their pace and comfort level.




The Journey- A gentle and subtle approach for balance, clarity & relaxation

"Reiki" means universal life energy. Seeking to treat the spirit within, which is a key source of an imbalance in our minds and bodies.

In Reiki the energy is drawn from the universe and transmitted  through the palms of the hands to achieve a rebalancing of life force. It starts with the power of healing our own lives and then feeling called to share this universal love and truth to help others.

With an open heart and mind anything is possible.

At the heart of healing is compassion and love. When we are closer to love, we feel closer to people and nature. Through this your Reiki Hair Artist can build your relationship of trust, awareness, intention, honesty, and receive the insight to honor vision and experience.

Reiki will help allow your inner beauty shine.

You may feel more peaceful, relaxed, and lighter. This will promote a positive atmosphere and a soulful experience.


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