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I am dedicated to integrating a non-toxic and healthy lifestyle into my career and yours. It has been a personal mission of mine for years, experiencing  undiagnosed physical, mental, and emotional tendencies that aided in imbalance and disharmony. I dove deep into holistic health and beauty, healing and detoxing. The positive and transforming experiences have led me to wanting to share and educate with others.

It is vital we think about our FUTURE selves and our FUTURE children and FUTURE environment. It is one day, one small change at a time to make a difference in your life and in your career. The Centre’ will allow for support and nurtinging businesses and community. 

We are on the forefront of the organic beauty movement, change and knowledge starts with us, sharing and believing. Doing hair has always meant so much more to me. Our industry deserves respect and a deeper look at the whole picture. Offering Healing Beauty sends a message of love and caring for the whole person as we experience with our guests.

This concept was designed with you in mind. I have taken intuitive inventory through my 15 years in the industry to be a collective for other like minded stylist. I believe this will connect us with everything I observed of my likes and dislikes. I wish to learn and grow with you.  I wish to have patience and acceptance. I wish to notice you, listen and see. I will help mentor and support your dreams and visions. I wish to spread this concept on a global mission. You could be apart of this. 

I am interested  in being a change in the salon industry, how we value self-care, self-love and honor our divine beings with grace and respect. I have designed a Concept Holistic Salon Experience through  wellbeing rituals with your conscious Hair Artist Tribe. A perfect compliment will be wellness providers to engage in a transformation of the definition of beauty and wellbeing. To look within for our security, identity, and strength. “You must look beyond the mirror! You are spirit, you are the soul, you are the self. You are the honor, you are the source of all sources.”


Mind, Body, Spirit

Whole beauty, self love and self care

A balance of caring for our physical body and appearance with an inner sense of peace, love, and happiness

Beauty within. Beauty and Soul

Beauty and well being intertwining beautifully, synergistically, and wholeheartedly

It’s about Creating rituals for yourself. Bringing intention and awareness with your beauty routine.

Seek ways to incorporate a spiritual meaning to rituals and routines. To a deeper way we value our self care and self love

Applying lotions with the intention. Nourishing and supporting

Sending Love and gratitude to your body

When you apply makeup, honor your lips that allow you to eat

Beauty fuels the collective 

Beauty nurtures the mind, body, soul

 Whole beauty isn’t necessarily definable, or measurable

Beauty is historic, unique, individual, cultural we can honor and learn from this

Beauty is a belief system and most likely we have to knock down some walls and recreate a healthy positive mindset for our next generation

The way we take time for ourselves, a self-care service is an intention of organic expression, love,  and kindness to our spirit within and our physical bodies

Beauty serves a purpose. Empowering women to hold space for their desires, goals, and dreams. To live in the light they were born with. To share the unique perspective, gifts, and talents with the world

To awaken their inner goddess and serve their own self, families, friends, and strangers with compassion and kindness

  This space is to create as collective 

 Unique and divine gifts are needed to ale this space wholeheartedly 

This space can give  a platform to grow, share, and exist in a cohesive collaboration of like minded individuals on path for truth of love, happiness, kindness, compassion, and beauty. We then have a space to spread a message of beauty being energetic, spiritual, mystic, cultural, mindful, intentional, and purposeful beauty

Style your hair with intention of balancing your chakras. Braid it to balance your electromagnetic fields, your vibration 

Did you know we are so closely linked to cosmos. That the word cosmetic derived from cosmos. In order of the universe

When our thought and intentions align with our spirit, when our our peace with in is felt, our beauty is in order. We are the best representation of ourselves for this time, this day of our journey

Focus on embracing self love in all forms. Have green products available to support this journey at home. To create your rituals at home. Start your day with gratitude. Mindfully walk through your life

Beauty to me has always been much more than a physical representation of ourselves, but how we choose to live with honesty, integrity, and passion for ourselves, others, and our planet. I do believe we can and should care about our physical self, since it is our vessel 

The more we feel good, we look good. It is all about vibration 

When our physical bodies are in harmony and we are healthy, we carry a higher vibration. Which aids in disease and illness. When our thoughts are honest and pure, we carry a high vibration that sends a message of love

 With the true feeling of love. Love as a vibration is contagious and enlightening. When we carry this high vibration we look good. People gravitate towards this. The universe does. The universe is always listening

It is my passion to provide your hair care and beauty experience to the next level. It is my drive to create and send a universal message that beauty and well being is self love and self care

That is Infinite part of the process of evolution

 Cultures throughout history and since the beginning of time have including rituals and beauty in meaningful and purposeful ways. The depth behind a face, a body

 Providing for women of all ages to reclaim their beauty with dignity and pride. To encourage them to tell one person a day they look beautiful

Your light is shining 

Pay it forward movement on beauty. It is ok then to say “I feel beautiful “ 

I have found it profoundly silly we are supposed to feel confidence but have limitations from society standards. Once someone genuinely feels beautiful inside and is limited in this language.  It is perceived as selfish or conceded

Provide a soulful experience everyday for the tribe and guests. Chakra balancing and magical energy sprinkling intertwining with your energetic beauty services. Have an intention and vibrationally aligned space to create a sacred ritual, an experience while visiting the salon

Integrating the beauty within, you feel great about your ethically and naturall supportive style while a sense of balance and peace within, Because whole beauty is An extraordinary personal experience and it means something different for everyone. It also means we react, resonate with different personalities. It is my goal to have a team, a tribe of individuals where you will surely find a right fit

A group of compassionate and warm beings with a presence to accommodate and direct you with services and experiences that will support your beauty journey

 Wellness and well being are uniquely tied together. We would be dedicated and in search for the universal message of self love. Each individual of the tribe will offer their own unique business. 

Each entrepreneur will  offer their piece to the puzzle. Each member will have taken their own intuitive on their beauty within journey. Find their soul in their work. We offer a soulful experience. When we put the pieces together in one space working with a common purpose, we will be a whole design, a beautiful puzzle

  Spirit and beauty. Beauty and soul

Spirituality encompasses our whole self. If we break down mind, body, and SPIRIT. My true passion is derived from Spirit. Within us, all around us, spirit can awaken our senses

This is what we were born with, first. Before we had a body and a mind

So if we bring this into a practice with our rituals. Our beauty routines. Our self care and love everything will feel more whole

Helping others. Paying it Forward movement on BEAUTY 

You are beautiful and your soul is shining

Vibrational beauty

Beauty is an expression of our inner selves, our creative and non linear being

Beauty is in perceiving and receiving

How do you choose to express yourself today?


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