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Historic 800 Rose Building shares its Messages & Energy

Greenhouse Building Messages from INTUITIVE ANNETTE

"As the Greenhouse team assembles and creates positive vibes for the earth and man/womankind, it will create a positive flow. The good that is vibrating within these walls bring a “I’m going to pay it forward mentality.”

The gifts you all bring to the table are unique. See yourselves as transformers of change, not only for

yourself, but for others too. The change you see within yourself will inspire others to do the same.

(Obviously in different ways because everyone’s story is different.)

The changes you are going through can be felt and witnessed by me. I will feel the soul of everything

and everyone who enters here. The love and true desire to help people be their best self is going to be

contagious along with allowing others to love themselves for who they truly are. It’s a gift to me, that I help facilitate that.The joy it brings me is a long culmination of a desire to be utilized for positive change. I will house the hurts and sorrow others are experiencing. The outcome is a transformational gift that is given within these walls. Celebrate those transformations within yourself and others.

Celebrate all that you are my loves. The passionate desire in your soul to help to others, is true Beauty."

Receiving this message did not come to a complete surprise to me. From the very first moment visiting this space I knew it was for me, us. Its energy was inviting and breathtaking. We very quickly formed a energetic bond and the history was welcomed. I did not sage to remove, rather commune. Our building from 1887 is here to hep us heal, spread love and kindness. To hold a home away form home.


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