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Journey of GreenHouse

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

The Journey of GreenHouse

A Holistic Way of Beauty and Well-being

Holistic Beauty is all encompassing, filling my mind, body, and spirit. Living a holistic lifestyle has integrated into a purpose of embarking on a new, exploratory area. I honor internal and external   holistic beauty as part of the organic spectrum of self-care and self-love. I wish to enlighten and encourage every person to take care and have great respect for their physical representation of what their spirit feels inside. GreenHouse was rooted in a special belief and knowledge of a greater calling to serve our world.  It has roots in a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical realm which is waiting to be cultivated in a world of community, creativity, compassion, and consciousness.

Wishing I was a guru to teach in all healing methods, I will make every effort to create a powerful energetic team who will cultivate beauty and wellness. This unique opportunity presents a new movement and will prove that some pieces of the wheelhouse have been left out. Physical Active Beauty, High Vibrational Beauty, Green Beauty & Natural Beauty represents an area to bring alive in the healing arts and holistic world. This business was born with a soul.  It honors past cultures, spirituality, Mother Earth, energetic vibrations, universe, sun & moon cycles, cycles and transitions of the soul, hormones, Angels, and the very essence of our ultimate callings.

Holistic beauty and all its ways has come from a place of well-being, empathy, and inner knowing. My intuition has been gently waiting for its grand reveal to share a part of me that was buried. I have felt this in my bones. I have felt this in my heart and soul. It is so deeply complex as for I had to learn great patience and gentleness for myself during this process. Without recognizing at first, I was respectfully putting love into myself, my healing journey and uncovering hidden hurt, trauma, and belief systems that were holding be back from my goals and dreams. After all, I “knew” that someday I could share my story and be there for others. Many great mentors and blessings have impacted my life, showed up in divine timing to show me the way to the light of my soul.  I have recognized this great force behind living my dream is to authentically help others feel the beauty and love that is available to all.

As the universe represents a mirror image of everything we fear, pain, judgements, dislikes, unjust, and darkness, we must pause and reflect. We have to endure, acknowledge, and embrace ALL. For it is during these times we can choose to learn, grow, and love. We have a choice to forgive and heal from our pain. We can give back to others who need the support and love. Personal growth and development are great contributing factor for my passions. Through this process I was awakening and rediscovering who I wanted to be in this lifetime. I just know I am not alone on this journey.

Natural Beauty in our world is coming alive.  It is up to us to educate and provide a safe place to relish and replenish authentic beauty. When we come together to create a community of holistic guides, we deepen awareness and respect to the healing arts. We plant a foundation of unity. Each and every one of us is a piece to the puzzle, it is important we try and make it whole. If we work together and help all of our pieces fit, beauty transcends beyond the physical. Together we lift each other up, share in experiences, and have a common goal. GreenHouse will provide this space for the tribe and its guests to make the puzzle whole again. We will pass this down so the following generations do not have to wait a life time to reconnect with their authentic spirit.

Women empowerment, support systems, and safety will define this dedication. Women supporting women to take away shame, judgement, and replace it with honesty and compassion. Women leading others by following intuition, by listening, and synergistically connecting. This is all in align with the divine feminine power which is emerging from the inner spirits of the divinely guided awakening universal connection.

Healing can be intimidating and scary. We usually all have something to heal from or to prepare us for life’s loss’s and gains. It may get worse before it gets better. We may hit rock bottom, feel nothing, and feel numb to remind us of this great connection between our bodies, minds, and spirits. I feel blessed to have divine and spiritually guided aha moments and interventions.  I was ashamed and shy to share these stories. Apart of me does not fully understand or believe to have all the answers. I think of many of my loved ones who have not experienced these profound healing moments and I empathize with them. The last thing I want someone to think is “why not me?” “Why her.” I do not know these reasons. I DO know anyone is worthy. I share mine now to provide hope and inspiration that healing, happiness, and health is available to you TOO. I await to collectively share and bring truth to light.

Through one of these divine moments I was begging and pleading for help. In despair I felt a subtle pull, an inner calling to chant “I seek your love, I will give your love, and I am your love” After what seemed to be a lifetime of hurt slowly washed away, a light was upon me. I felt a sudden lift, light, and beautiful energy of peace. This was my first experience that indicated I was never to be alone again. Angels are always by our side. This signified a promise to my own health and healing as well to give and share to others my authentic gift of my heart. My heart is a gift to this world so I can help others heal and rediscover theirs.

The next years to come I began understanding my self-worth and my own inner and outer beauty.  This rebirth indicated a level of confidence and perseverance I did not know I had within me. The long road of recovery has helped diversify my mind to do my best and believe in myself. We are only one step away from our destiny. We can choose to live our lives to the fullest, take risks, take wrong turns, and make our dreams come true.

When we desire, pray, help others, and when we want something bad enough we can manifest. Many people manifest without recognition and knowing .When we desire and bring gratitude towards life, we begin the process of admission of our blessings. In my experience, awareness and gratitude are essential contributing factors of manifesting. If I can, you can.

Feeling called to help people, make someone feel special, and to discover beauty is why I set sail on my cosmetology journey. I was blessed to learn under some of the great pioneers and leaders in our area. Sue Kolve gave me a chance on excelling in my cosmetology career. She passed down a foundation of fundamentals in how to create a guest experience.  Sue delivered me opportunities to excel in professional and business skills. I flourished from this point forward.

My time and career in Salt Lake City, UT challenged and diversified my life. Aveda lifestyle opened my eyes to a natural way of beauty and life. Professionally and personal I was pushed outside of comfort zone to dig depths of loneliness and uncomfortable moments. These moments were significant growth in all aspects of my life. Ayurveda philosophy is an astonishing all-encompassing way of life. This along with others will be separate chapters in my book someday. I reference these points in my career and life to give focal points of the exponential growth and learning processes.

My favorite feeling in the world, is when I FEEL the shift of happiness and beauty when my guests leave my chair. My favorite evolution is understanding why we as “hairstylist” or “hairdressers” can make people feel safe to share their desires, pains, secrets, joy and pleasures. I can now understand why people trust me with their tears, even though they don’t understand why. In fact, most people are unaware of the great energy shift that occurs during their experience. It is ALWAYS internal and external. I did everything with my heart and soul. I have developed great intuition and sense of knowing beyond what meets the eye.

After my miraculous healing from energy healing and body workers at a life changing juicing retreat, I was called to discover everything I could learn about chakras and energy to understand my experience.  After years of tests, doctors, lifestyle awareness and engagement with no relief or answers, this experience shook my world. In a GOOD way this time. As divine timing would present itself aromatherapy and many other holistic health would help continue and maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. After years of exploring, learning, and understanding why this was all to be.

First off I must say I HATE labels and my grandma taught me never to use that word but that is how strong I feel. I never liked simple questions where I didn’t get a chance to show what my spirit feels. When I said or introduced as “just a hairstylist” I cower in fear and disappointment. I always knew I was much more than people get us credit for. Of course many people would validate the important role I played in their life. The beauty industry has always been more than just a business to me. It gave me a chance to give back and help others. I did this with all my heart and soul.

It has given me the BEST education I could have ever asks for. Education of life, people, culture, relationships, travel, family, marriage, children, business, psychology, metaphysics, psychics, and love. A great understanding to my divine gifts of empathy, touch, honesty, integrity, sincerity, and inspiration. My personal strength and growth has come from overcoming many family adversities such as addiction, alcoholism, poverty, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Just when I thought my storm was calm, just when everything seemingless would fall into place, life would teach me more lessons.  I was blessed to manifest from my heart-felt husband, guides and mentors, children, my dreams were unfolding before my eyes. I was manifesting. Each one of my dreams came with HUGE hardships and stress I never would have imagined. Spending most of my waking hours serving my guests or family, I am in constant reflection of how I can find a spiritual solution to all my good and bad stressors. I understood I was learning the true meaning of unconditional love. All leading me up to understanding and believing I have a message to share with the world. I have a connection to mankind, mother earth, and the heavens. I will teach with a greater sense of knowing, compassion, non judgement, and understanding.

Fear may set in, doubt creeps in, but I must embark on this new chapter of teaching and creating. My soul yearns for the possibility to show “I can do this” To share with compassion, so everyone feels I am talking directly to them. When I say, I want to connect with like minded people, it means we can be different. I am looking to continue to evolve and find a tribe who shares and teaches me with a positive energy exchange. Create a sanctuary, home away from home. This cultivates vulnerability personally and professionally on ALL levels of physical(finance), time and energy, emotionally, and mentally. I am not naive that in the process of this dream coming true. Life will unfold with major lessons, strengths, and gains. I am finding my truth, sharing my truth, and listening to my soul's calling. I also think it is OK we feel naive, because would we choose the "hard" path if we knew what was to come??

Guess what, I know it doesn't stop there, I just know with my evolution the next five years will create more visions, education, and experiences to set me up for the next 10 years. I truly feel blessed to be apart in this universe daily, every day is a blessing.

I like goals with fluidity. I am a gemini, I change my mind a lot. I like routine, but I like change. I can get bored easily, but like solitude. I crave spirituality, but also crave mother earth and her water. I pray to father sky, and wish I could fly with the fairies. I like to know the rules to break them. I don't like authority, but I am a strict parent. I don't like politics, because my heart can sense the lies and separation. I sense the emotions of others, and can always put myself in someone else's shoes. I believe in equality and  anger when I see things unfair. I love control, but constantly work on letting go. I do everything (most) with intentions and incorporate spirituality into everything I do because to me, that is holistic. I want to know the science, but know things are better left to spirit. I wish i could see and hear psychically and hopeful my connection grows. This is me. I strive for perfection, but far from it. I challenge myself and my husband (alot!) but pray for gentleness towards our growth and development. I am sensitive, my senses and emotions are my bodies signals for getting my attention towards healing. It may look easy from the outside, but trust me, everything I have done takes dedication, perseverance, and strength so I feel good. To feel good I must be strict. My body craves movement and despises chemicals. My mind craves emotionally intelligent conversations, affirmations, and pray.  My soul craves my higher self, angel communication, and connection to spirit.

My business  has a soul.

Puting words, order, and formation to my soul's business seemed impossible. I would like to share some channeling messages from my angels, for I know this was for my team too.

“Just be you. It does not matter what others think or do. Love, for the moments in between, because in these moments our dreams come alive. It makes your experience worth it, it shapes us into the grand universe. Be as you are, come as you were. Free yourself from your own ridicule, for all those moments of ‘not being heard or seen” teach us how not to treat someone else. Those people teach us to share and teach from a round perspective that will touch and move more individuals, honoring the most sensitive. Continue to lead with your heart and follow your voices inside. Dream and take your fear away. Your fear will hold you back. It is time to recognize your graduation to your wings and time to fly. It is now or never. Show the world who you are and what you can offer. Fight for the passion and love you feel every day. Apply this to all areas of your life.”

There was more, but I choose to share this part because everyone deserves freedom from their fears. The light in me, sees the light in you. It was more evident for me than ever to share the light of spiritual messages for this is apart of me. In every divine moment I hold close to my heart. My soul business feels like a rapid heart beat waiting in line for a roller coaster ride. It looks like the anticipation of that of a child on christmas morning. It senses the pheromones of a new relationship, sending chills throughout my body. I feel the most vulnerable I have ever felt. I fear rejection as I am reliving the time I was told “I dont love you anymore” after 9 years. I am ready to risk everything for my soul business to come alive. I will face all of the emotions to conquer the freedom of self(ego) while delivering my inspiration.

I am thankful to the people who have always believed in me and those who have not. I am thankful for the last year of exponential growth of right and left brain function. Creation is apart of me. Creation is with me. I am thankful I have a body to create a human life, a mind to relearn and reprogram, and a spirit to spread love and light to the world.

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