What is Energy Healing and How it Will Change Your Life

A guide to Theta Healing, Reiki, Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki, Chakra Balancing

GreenHouse Holistic Salon and Wellness Co-Op embodies multiple business's with heart, spirit, & soul. Energy work is soul work

 Practioners of the house have  endured and overcome heartache, pain, abuse, loss, physical, emotional, & spiritual obstacles.

They are collaborating by helping others raise their vibrations, leaving a positive impact on the world. They have come to see their healing crisis's as gifts that opened them up to a sense of purpose.

They understand everyone's journey is unique, and as lightworkers, they would love to shine some light in your life.

We understand and believe everything is energy and holds a vibration. From our thoughts, intentions, physical life and most importantly the invisible spectrum that surrounds are bodies, our auras.

Think of these services as an AURA MASSAGE.

Our energy fields, auras, receive and perceive experiences we have in a lifetime. That part of us that is linked to our spirit, our soul and spirit are the unfathomable, vital mysteries of our existence. We can however experience them directly, and each healer has their own experience to draw from to make them a believer.

Your body is designed to heal itself. Understanding energy can be the foundation of your health. It is your bodies fuel and its atmosphere. We choose to ignite and empower the healer inside you to engage in balancing your chakras/ energy to support your life journey. 


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